Let’s Start Talking

Let's Start Talking

Let’s Start Talking Each time we click to search for someone on Facebook, a box shows up telling us what is trending. We see a list of what millions of people are talking about. As I look at the list, I wonder why so many people are talking about this person or that person? Today, I am wondering … [Continue reading]

Worthy of a Celebration


Worthy of a Celebration   Here it is Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year and you are struggling to feel Merry. You are not alone; many others understand how you feel. You may be walking through the hardest time of your life or simply overwhelmed and stressed. Can you imagine how … [Continue reading]

Update for Master What Matters’ Subscribers

Hi sweet friends! Thank you so  much for subscribing to Master What Matters. I cannot begin to put into words how much I appreciate you. Some have … [Continue reading]

Presents Under This Tree


 Presents Under This Tree It’s December and we are crazy busy. There is Christmas shopping to be done, cookies to be baked, presents to be bought, … [Continue reading]

I Thought I Knew What I Needed to Know


  “I have felt relationally lost more times than I want to admit. I grew up knowing that I was a child of God. I was raised in a loving … [Continue reading]

Saying Yes to God


Saying Yes to God   When I answered “yes” to God’s whispers, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, what all it would entail, or where … [Continue reading]

Love One Another


Love One Another   “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” John … [Continue reading]

Set Apart


Set Apart The struggle is real; my heart wants to fit in and belong, yet my Savior calls me to be set apart. Does set apart mean that we are to see … [Continue reading]

Submit to God


We have the gift of making simple things complicated, don’t we? I believe we make intimacy with Jesus much more difficult than it needs to be. So if … [Continue reading]

Be Bold


Be Bold   Who wants to continue talking about standing out, being set apart and hoping someone can see Jesus alive in us? It has been the … [Continue reading]